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Powerful Peer Forums

After each 12-16 month cycle of peer-to-peer technical assistance, AWS hosts a powerful peers forum at which representatives from participating organizations come together to engage in meaningful dialogue, strategy-sharing and movement building work.

For our 4th Powerful Peers forum in March 2009, AWS brought together representatives from former as well as current peer-to-peer TA sites. Almost all former sites sent representatives to attend the three-day forum.

Asian Women's Shelter Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance Program Powerful Peers IV - Participating Organizations:

1.   AACI: Asian Women's Home

San Jose, CA

2.   API Domestic Violence Resource Project

Washington, D.C.

3.   API Institute on Domestic Violence

San Francisco, CA

4.   API Women & Family Safety Center

Seattle, WA

5.   Asian Pacific Women's Center

Los Angeles, CA

6.   Asian Women's Shelter

San Francisco, CA

7.   Center for Pan-Asian Community Services

Doraville, GA

8.   Center for the Pacific Asian Family

Los Angeles, CA

9.   Chaya

Seattle, WA

10. Korean Women's Association: WAF Home

Tacoma, WA

11. Maitri

San Jose, CA

12. Manavi, Inc.

New Brunswick, NJ

13. Monsoon, United Asian Women of Iowa

Des Moines, IA

14. Narika

Oakland, CA

15. New York Asian Women's Center

New York, NY

16. Raksha

Atlanta, GA

17. Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments

Fremont, CA

18. Saheli

Austin, TX

19. Sakhi for South Asian Women

New York, NY

20. Shimtuh

Oakland, CA

21. 21. Women Speaking Languages Other Than English

St. Louis, MO

Forum topics have included:

1. Survivor-Centeredness

2. Strategies for Community engagement

3. Organizational Sustainability and Resilience

4. Organizational Change and Transition

5. Language Access

6. Supporting LBQT Survivors of Violence

7. Community Sustainability