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National Technical Assistance

AWS believes in sharing information and resources to strengthen the widespread efforts to end violence. To that end we launched the National Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance (TA) program in 2002 to provide technical assistance and support to organizations in the United States that are focused on domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking.  Our unique peer-to-peer model allows us to tailor the training based on the program and/or organizational development needs of particular organizations.

Through this national and international work, we share globally and act locally to help break the sense of isolation experienced by local groups scattered across the country and the world. We have designed the peer-to-peer program to connect advocates and activists. We visit participant groups in their own neighborhoods and communities; in this way, we deepen relationships, strengthen technical assistance and empower each other to address the particular needs of our own communities.

Through funding from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), AWS works with 5 - 7 agencies each year and provides more limited support (i.e., via e-mail/phone) to 20-50 agencies annually. Past peer partner organizations include:

ROUND ONE (2002-2003)

1. API Domestic Violence Resource Project                                    Washington, DC
2. Asian Pacific Women's Center                                                     Los Angeles, CA
3. Cambodian Association of America                                             Long Beach, CA
4. Center for the Pacific Asian Family                                              Los Angeles, CA
5. Manavi                                                                                          New Brunswick, NJ
6. Sakhi for South Asian Women                                                     New York, NY

ROUND TWO (2004-2005)
1. Asian Women's Home                                                                  San Jose, CA
2. Asian Women United of Minnesota: HOP                                    St. Paul, MN
3. Korean Women's Association                                                      Tacoma, WA
4. Monsoon: United Asian Women of Iowa                                      Des Moines, IA
5. New Visions                                                                                 Ann Arbor, MI
6. Raksha                                                                                         Atlanta, GA

ROUND THREE (2005-2006)
1. Chaya                                                                                           Seattle, WA
2. Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking                                 Los Angeles, CA
3. Domestic Violence Action Center                                                Honolulu, HI
4. Maitri                                                                                            San Jose, CA
5. Safe Alternatives from Violent Environments                              Fremont, CA

ROUND FOUR (2007-2009)
1. Asian & Pacific Islander Women & Family                                    Seattle, WA
Safety Center
2. Center for Pan Asian Community Services                                  Doraville, GA
3. New York Asian Women's Center                                                 New York, NY
4. Saheli                                                                                            Austin, TX
5. Women Speaking Languages Other Than                                    St. Louis, MO

AWS also provides informal peer-to-peer support, both nationally and internationally, such as:

  • A recent project in Japan supported a women's group as it prepared to organize programs and shelters.
  • In Indonesia we held dialogues on building a support network to respond to human trafficking.
  • In Thailand one of our staff members has been on call-in radio programs to educate local women about their options in suffering and escaping domestic violence.