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Multilingual Digital Storytelling

The stories of immigrant and refugee women's experiences of violence are usually unheard. In collaboration with the Center for Digital Storytelling, AWS launched a pilot project in 2006 with the goal of creating a space for advocates and survivors of violence to share their stories using the creative tools of digital imagery and audio recording.

Built from the natural storytelling and oral traditions of many Asian Pacific Islander and immigrant communities, this program is based on the simple premise that individuals gain from making stories and communities gain from experiencing them.

The Multilingual Digital Storytelling Project helps transcend language barriers and bring to light the hidden and unrecognized experiences of immigrant survivors of domestic violence.  Participants are equipped with new technical skills and a safe, supportive environment where they can craft and share their stories.

Participants create every aspect of their digital story and the power of their voice helps foster awareness of violence against API women, shape policy and inspire viewers to social action.  When developing their story, they make informed decisions regarding confidentiality so that their message can reach far and wide, impacting diverse audiences while also preserving their safety and confidentiality.

Digital stories have been used in local and national trainings for community members, advocates, law enforcement, and government workers.