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Holiday Gift Giving Program

Holiday Wishlist

Every holiday season we are asked by our generous supporters how they can help spread cheer to our residents during what can be a particular difficult time.  Since we are at a confidential location, we are unable to open our doors to the many supporters who would like to volunteer their time; however, we can ensure that any donation made or gift given reaches survivors and their families.

To contribute to our wishlist, you have choices:

1. Donate specific wishlist items requested by our clients by going over to our Amazon WishlistClick Here.

2. Few of our clients really appreciate the flexibility that Store Gift Cards offer them. If you'd like to donate aTarget Gift card, Click here. Please select "EMAIL DELIVERY" option only.

We are grateful for all our loving support! Happy Holidays from all of here at AWS!

On behalf of everyone at Asian Women's Shelter, thank you so much for your generosity during the holiday season and throughout the year.