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Capacity Building


AWS has a long-standing commitment to building the capacity of other organizations. In doing so we strengthen programs and partnerships, diminish organizational isolation and build the momentum and power of a social justice movement to end violence against women. We understand the importance of building the capacity of both anti-violence organizations and other agencies to become allies in the movement. For example, we have:

  • Provided trainings to a San Francisco public high school group called Young Asian Women Against Violence. Community education, workshops and trainings help participants understand what healthy relationships look like and how to respond when violence happens.
  • Provided training to monks at a local Thai temple to understand domestic violence so they can provide support and resources to women survivors.

AWS provides training and technical assistance nationally and internationally on anti-oppression frameworks and practices, anti-homophobia, cultural competency, language access and on the intersection of domestic violence and anti-trafficking work.

National Technical Assistance

AWS believes in sharing information and resources to strengthen the widespread efforts to end violence. To that end we launched the National Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance (TA) program in 2002 to provide technical assistance and support to organizations in the United States that are focused on domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and stalking.  Our unique peer-to-peer model allows us to tailor the training based on the program and/or organizational development needs of particular organizations.

Through this national and international work, we share globally and act locally to help break the sense of isolation experienced by local groups scattered across the country and the world. We have designed the peer-to-peer program to connect advocates and activists. We visit participant groups in their own neighborhoods and communities; in this way, we deepen relationships, strengthen technical assistance and empower each other to address the particular needs of our own cRead More

Powerful Peer Forums

After each 12-16 month cycle of peer-to-peer technical assistance, AWS hosts a powerful peers forum at which representatives from participating organizations come together to engage in meaningful dialogue, strategy-sharing and movement building work.

For our 4th Powerful Peers forum in March 2009, AWS brought together representatives from former as well as current peer-to-peer TA sites. Almost all former sites sent representatives to attend the threRead More