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Grassroots Mobilization

AWS is proud to engage our active constituents in the movement against violence. We do this through Chai Chats, Multilingual Digital Storytelling, Volunteer/MLAM Mobilization, Community Action Teams and Creative Interventions.

Chai Chats

Chai Chats is a safe and confidential initiative that reaches out to the Asian and Pacific Islander lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender communities to equip them with tools and strategies for practicing and promoting healthy relationships in all areas of their lives.

Participants learn and share skills and strategies for healthy, happy relationships.  They also explore how communication practices, attachment styles, temperament differences, positive and negative feedback cycles, responses to conflict, trans/homo/bi/phobia and learned violence can factor into their relationships and lives.

AWS is committed to engaging and mobilizing its constituency to break the silence that surrounds domestic violence against these marginalized communities.  We work to change the societal and cultural norms that perpetuate violence, into those built off of equality, non-violence and the respectful use of power.

Please contact us to learn more about Chai Chats!

Multilingual Digital Storytelling

The stories of immigrant and refugee women's experiences of violence are usually unheard. In collaboration with the Center for Digital Storytelling, AWS launched a pilot project in 2006 with the goal of creating a space for advocates and survivors of violence to share their stories using the creative tools of digital imagery and audio recording.

Built from the natural storytelling and oral traditions of many Asian Pacific Islander and immigrant communities, this program is based on the simple premise that individuals gain from making stories and communities gain from experiencing Read More

Volunteer/MLAM Mobilization

Our volunteer and language advocates are made up of multicultural/multilingual women from local communities. They attend over 70 hours of training to become educated anti-violence activists and domestic violence counselors. They are agents of support within the walls of AWS and are agents of change within their communities.

AWS utilizes volunteers and language advocates in a variety of grassroots anti-violence efforts, ranging from outreach at language or community-specific events to facilitating community dialogues.

Community Action Teams

As part of our commitment to using our organizational power responsibly and supporting local and community-based efforts to address violence, AWS supports Community Action Teams (CATs).  These teams often emerge organically, formed by our volunteer and language advocates who have knowledge of pressing needs, current issues and creative opportunities in their communities.  They work on projects or initiatives that are grounded in their own skills and capacity.

CATs can have a voice and a power in their communities that, most often, outsiders doRead More

Creative Interventions

AWS has been a collaborative partner of Creative Interventions, an Oakland-based initiative centered on developing and sharing concrete tools to support everyday people to address violence.

AWS works with representatives from Creative Interventions, Shimtuh, Narika and La Clinica de la Raza to develop tools to address and transform violence in their communities through three years of on-the-ground work supporting community members. AWS is working with Creative Interventions to craft that on-the-ground experience into a toolkit - a practical and useful resource for those doing community-based violence interventions.