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Public Awareness

We create public awareness about domestic violence and human trafficking by conducting Community Education and Outreach.

Community Education

Asian Women's Shelter has a longstanding commitment to facilitating community dialogue and learning. If you would like to organize a community education event on any of the topics below (or more), please contact us!

•    Anti-trafficking
•    Cultural Competency
•    Domestic Violence 101
•    Language Access & AWS's Multilingual Access Model
•    LGBTQ Cultural Competency / Anti-homophobia and heterosexism
•    Power, Privilege and Oppression (Anti-Oppression 101)

Outreach & Visibility

AWS is committed to breaking the silence that perpetuates violence against women. Building public awareness is the essential first step in encouraging communities in prevention and intervention. We strive to make our response public, so that our visibility emboldens others in our communities to take a stand.

Many survivors who are marginalized cannot access support and services, so we make a concerted effort to make ourselves an accessible resource. We do this in a variety of ways:

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