“They are available to women when they need it most.” Executive Director, Domestic Violence Consortium

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Anti-Oppression Framework: We understand domestic violence as gender-based violence, but there are many ways that people hate and divide themselves from one another.  AWS actively uses a holistic approach in eliminating all forms of violence and oppression, while promoting shared power and equal access.  All AWS constituents, including board, staff, volunteers, interns, relief workers, on-call language advocates, domestic violence survivors and community members, are committed to the powerful vision of living in a violence-free and safe environment.

Why Domestic Violence and Anti-Oppression?

The root cause of domestic violence is the abuse of power.

Gendered violence is minimized and misunderstood as "personal".

Everyone deserves safety.

Upholding peace, dignity and empowerment for all.

More about our core values.